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Election Justice USA is a national coalition of election integrity experts, statisticians, attorneys, journalists and motivated activists concerned about honest elections and voter rights. The events that occurred on March 22, 2016 in Maricopa County, AZ catalyzed our founding of the organization. Since then, our organization has brought the issue of election integrity to greater public awareness by soliciting and sharing voter testimonials, conducting and publicizing forensic analysis of election results and bringing legal action in state court to promote better voter access, information and election transparency.

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Election Justice USA aims to educate the public to ensure that true democracy prevails. Leveraging traditional and social media to spread awareness, rigorously investigating election fraud and filing the necessary court action to affect change, We have undertaken legal action in NY, CA and at the federal level.

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The best ways to participate in Election Justice USA are by volunteering and donating to the cause. Let us know about your talents or donate a few (or more) dollars — every dollar or hour you contribute helps! Election integrity is fundamental to democracy. By getting involved you can do more than just watch from the sidelines — you can help restore democracy to the elections process and ensure that the people have a real voice! This is just the beginning and the only way the change will occur is with your help!

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