#ElectionAction – Special Elections


Special Elections


The 2017 Special Elections are a vital part of the democratic process. In a post-election year, many elected officials vacate their office as they accept cabinet and other positions in a Presidential administration; others move on to state level positions or return to private service. In these rare races in which there is no incumbent, your vote gives immediate feedback to elected representatives and major party officials. In some elections, a voter may get the opportunity to send their message a second time in a runoff election.

Election Justice USA wants to ensure that you can exercise your right to vote and that every single vote counts. Early and accurate voter registration is critical, so please verify your voter registration status, election dates, and absentee ballot deadlines with your local board of elections.

If you have issues in your state with the current nationwide special elections, please be sure to complete our

online form

and send any physical evidence to electionjusticeusa@gmail.com.

Thank you for your participation in our democracy. We welcome your input and suggestions!