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Election Justice USA relies on your donations to cover legal fees and directly associated costs. But you don’t have to donate in order to help – there are a number of ways your volunteer efforts will help in our fight for justice. Join the team!

Donate to the Election Justice USA Legal Fund!

Donations Are A Great Way To Participate!

Court costs, filing fees, research data and other operating expenses are quite costly and we don't want to curtail our efforts for a lack of funds. You can participate! Donating just a few dollars is a BIG help! We want to continue the fight for the restoration of our democracy. Our cause is to ensure that every vote is counted because every vote counts! Our work is just beginning!

Volunteering is Paramount!

Join the team! Volunteer for Election Justice USA

We can no longer sit on the sidelines and let our democracy be compromised! It's time to stand up and actively participate to make sure every voter’s ballot counts!

At Election Justice USA we need your help in the fight for election integrity. You can use your talents on our action teams: public relations, social media, legal and paralegal, data analysis, organization/administration, writing & research and more.

Please send us your contact details along with your areas of interest and how much time you have available. We will reach out to you with further details on how Election Justice USA can use your help.

We appreciate the passion and enthusiasm you have for your country and the movement. Let’s revitalize and safeguard democracy together! United we stand!